Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Stars Align to Bewilder

Much of my humor comes from my family. We are five girls strong and so different, one might question that we are of the same parents.

We have the following, in birth order from OLDest to youngest..

Miss Prudence slowly in her older years turning a bit vixen

Miss Numb, set me on fire, take everything from me and I won't complain (this one is really a gem)

Miss Dirty Minded Humor, will twist your words to make life fun, family therapist yet has no degree, problem solver

Miss Opinionated Defensive, I used to have a mind of my own until I got married.

Miss Doormat, kind, giving, naive, loving, will never learn when to pull back

Look for fun posts soon

Welcome to the randomly amusing

Sit down, put your feet up.. and breath. Random thoughts of amusement and confusion. Some will make you laugh (good) others will make you cry (sorry) Best of all.. I hope they make you laugh and say so glad it's not me