Saturday, April 12, 2008

Springtime Blues

April is the month of A Poem in your Pocket
I have written the following for myself to carry.

Look , don't blink
let what is, be
feel, don't think
for only then
will you see
the bounty laid
before thee

Today was one of those days that I could have taken a road trip to no where. Some people suffer depression at the long winter months due to the shortened periods of sunlight, cold weather and dreariness of snow. I am the opposite. I never look forward to the end of winter and have a hard time adjusting to the change.

I had several errands to run and while I was out, I decided to get a cup of coffee. Normally I hit the local chain but today, I wanted more. I was introduced to a wonderful coffee shop by a friend of my sister.
On my first visit a few weeks ago I met Peter, the owner of Batian Peak. He was warm, friendly and eager to share his story of his family’s coffee history. His family has a bean farm in Kairi Village in Kenya. Unlike the chain franchises of other coffee shops, Batian Peak offers a wide variety of blends in both coffee and tea. The time and care that goes into harvesting the beans for the best results is extremely interesting and the benefit is in the flavor of the coffee.
Check out their website here:

Today I stopped in and met Roseanne, Peter’s wife. She has an infectious smile. I found the Ethiopian blend to have a similar taste to the Blue Mountain coffee I enjoyed in Jamaica. Roseanne offered to make a fresh pot if I was willing to wait two minutes. There were several customers at the time and each received her personal, genuinely friendly attention . I do hope they continue with great success. It’s always nice to walk in to a business and feel special. If you live north of Boston or find yourself in the area, do your palette a favor and stop in. You won’t be disappointed by the warm welcome, the selection of coffees and teas they offer and the best cup of culture you can find. I left feeling good inside and ready to face another spring day. Sometimes just enjoying something as simple as a cup of coffee that has come from such history is all you need to kick you in the backside.

I’ve been busy beta reading and have the joy of working with several talented people.
One I have just finished is well over four hundred pages and is amazingly well written. I did some fantasy casting as I read through. Now I look forward to assisting with the editing and helping to submit for publishing.

I hope you have a wonderful spring ( do we even get one?)

Oh yeah, it’s BASEBALL SEASON!!!!!!!