Monday, March 31, 2008

More Random Thoughts

The world around us is both fascinating and falling apart.
On any given day you can find something that will have you in awe and shaking your head in disbelief just by opening a newspaper or watching the news.

I know each generation looks back and feels it was never as bad “then” as it is in the present. People I talk to are split on what is taking place in comparison to “years ago”

Some feel with the media broadcasting everything and anything, we are just more aware today and years ago, things happened but we just didn’t hear about it.

This week alone, there were two different cases of parents killing their children, a fetus found in an airplane bathroom, a fourth grade boy paralyzed after being pushed down the stairs while at school, a young boy stabbed on a playground and another killed by a bullet while standing outside his home, a child abused by his parents. One week, so much sadness and it’s like this every week.

I was talking with my mother and sister, discussing how we were able to be carefree as children and then as teens. My daughter is fifteen and I can’t imagine her being able to walk out the door carefree. There are home invasions, muggings, attempted and successful abductions and so many horrific things going on.

My mother worried but not to the degree that parents today have to.
We could walk, in the dark, to the bus, ride to the other end of town and return hours later, walking home alone and not fear being jumped, stabbed, shot or beaten up. Today, you have to send your children out in groups with cell phones and instructions of what to do if this or that happens.

It makes me wonder, where are we headed?
What will the world be like when my grandchildren have children?

Of course, you have to live. You have to let your children live and not fear every trip out of the house.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Random Happenings

I had taken a break for a bit.
Brandon’s grandfather passed away, at home, on February 6, 2008.
My sister was able to pick him up from school and bring him to the house where he could have a few minutes to say goodbye. I am very proud of the way he is handling the loss and impressed by how grown up he has become.
I believe that allowing him to experience the process before his death, letting him know what was happening and what to expect, helped him deal with his grief in a healthy manner.

I went on vacation to the mountains for some much needed relaxation and playing in the snow. I did accomplish a bit of writing in the way of poetry and have kept busy beta reading for other writers, researching publishers and offering help with query letters.

A few random yet interesting things:
I’ve started re-reading some of Kurt Vonnegut’s work. Each time I read his works, I am still fascinated with his writing. His voice is so unique and interesting. He makes you see and feel things for what they are. He does not paint fantasy with his writing he just takes the truth and gives it to you in a simplistic fashion.

My teen has taken up Russian. She is an avid hockey fan and her favorite player is from Russia. I must say, when she takes an interest in something, she arms herself with as much knowledge on the subject as she can. Lately I find her with her nose in a book so it’s not a bad thing. Of course I am also having to try and understand what the hell she is saying to me. No longer is it “ Goodnight Mom, I love you.” It is now said in Russian. When I reply in English (often with the wrong response because I haven’t a clue as to what she is saying.) I get an “Ahem”
The house is now decorated with bright yellow stickers showing the Russian name for items such as telephone, clock, picture, wall, door. She asked me, dead ass serious, “Mom, where is the best place for me to stick the tag on the cat?”
If nothing else, she keeps my life entertained.