Monday, June 23, 2008

It's been a While

Second Life. Interesting to say the least. A trusted writer friend brought this world to the attention of all who read his blog and let me just say, Wow!!!

Second Life is an avatar based, three dimensional world with something for everyone.
The most interesting thing, for me anyway, is how real it feels. There are numerous workshops, learning experiences and fun, helpful people there. I've seen Broadway plays, Greek tragedies, attended poetry readings, poetry slams, visited art galleries, attended concerts and a host of arts, all for FREE!

I read that there were a number of well known, professional artists, ranging from singing to published authors. In the month since I joined, I have begun writing short stories again, contributed to live poetry readings and will have some of my erotic poems published in July's issue of a magazine there as well.

One of my dearest writing friends , whom I met on a writing forum, has joined as well. Now, we sit and chat in different locations of Second Life. It feels like she and I are actually sitting in the same location, chatting like friends do in real life. At first, we hesitated " Do we really need to burn more hours, wasting time on yet another site?" She was more skeptical than I was.

Even if you are not into the arts, I can guarantee you will find something of interest on Second Life. If you are not familiar with it, check it out

It can be a bit intimidating for a novice at first but there are so many helpful people , it won't be long and you'll find yourself right at home.