Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Media Frenzy

The echo of the crowd hasn't even silenced yet and already the local media has started the rumor mills. I suppose a sports town such as Boston will always provide these people with something to write (using this term freely.. more like creative writing) about. They are the reason Curt started his own blog (38pitches.com). He too was tired of words being twisted and stretched more than a rubber band.

Let's for a minute consider Manny Ramirez. He is a private kind of guy. He shows up every game, does his job (does it well I might add), provides the fans with entertainment and then goes home to his family. The media does not like this one bit. So what if he doesn't grant interviews. When you are done in your day job, do you want to continue hashing it out with a bunch of hacks with a press pass? Never mind that he still has another year on his contract but they are already starting to speculate on what's going to happen. Why don't we just enjoy the feeling of just having won another world series and focus on signing those whose contracts are up this year. That would be too easy.

Jim Rice is a perfect example of just how the media can bite you in the ass. Here is a guy that oozes class. He played and earned his right in the HOF (hall of fame), yet each year when the voting takes place , somehow he is shy just a few votes which would grant him his due. Jim was not a media friendly guy either..

Now, this being a contract year for a few players in major league, the media has a cornucopia of things to work with. Mike Lowell, World Series MVP. Our beloved third baseman. If you read the papers, listen to the sports talkshows on the radio, they will have you tearing your hair out.

It seems they think that the Red Sox will not sign Lowell and opt for A-Rod ( whom I call Assrod) instead. Listen up, Nevah Gonna Happen. Give Theo Epstein a little credit please.

I personally will become a Cubs fan if A-Rod were to ever don a Red Sox uniform and those who know me, know that's huge.

My advice to you who have suffered and bit off all of your nails until 04, remember the brilliant words of Joe Torre ( a class act). " The media has been known to be wrong once or twice."

Don't believe all you read and don't get sucked into the columns written by sports guru wannabes. This isn't Dan Duquette's job to screw up anymore.. we have Theo at the helm and he has made some brilliant aquisitions.

That is it for my rant....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Random Acts of Kindness

My sister, whom I've named Miss Numb in a previous post, was the recipient of an act of kindness from a stranger. It may not sound like such a big deal but in today's world , with all the anger and hate that we are subjected to with each page in the newspaper, stories like this restore my faith in humanity.

Miss Numb travels a toll road to work. Friday morning when she got to the booth, the lady told her she was all set. My sister was confused. The toll worker told her the lady in the car ahead of her had paid the toll for my sister. All she requested was this.

" Tell her to show a random act of kindness to someone and have a great day."

I myself have been in a coffee shop and purchased a cup of coffee for the person behind me. Sometimes I'll hand passes to an event to a family behind me in line when I have extras.

It makes me feel good to do this.

I wonder, if everyone started doing this how much nicer this world would be.

So, I ask you to try it. It does not have to cost you a lot of money. Imagine how nice someone feels when they receive a free cup of coffee, a free pass on the toll road. Who knows, you may be the lucky recipient one day.

Today, I wish you all a peaceful day full of kind thoughts and warm smiles.

Friday, October 26, 2007

You know the Honeymoon is over when ...

Remember the days when you and your signifigant other had to be apart for more than twenty four hours and you felt like half of your heart was torn out? Remember the mere thought of going through a few days without each other caused anxiety?

When I was first married, I recall conversations from those who had been married for many years talking about how they enjoyed when their spouse went off for a few hours or YIKES , days. I couldn't imagine wanting to spend long periods of time. The first time we had to spend three days apart I was lost.

Fast forward to reality...

He enjoys camping. Real out in the woods in a tent , on the lake camping. Me, I can camp at the finer hotels. When he and my daughter would go off on a camping weekend for three or four days I would be in heaven. The oldest sister would ask me how I could stay alone. What was she thinking. BLISS.. shear bliss.

I love golf. Mind you I have never swung a club but since he took it up a few years back, I went out and bought him a wonderful set of clubs because it allows me "Me" time. He has a golf date twice a week and I truly enjoy the few hours that he is gone.

Today, I dropped him off early this morning to catch a plane to Florida. Am I selfish for smiling like an idiot the minute he got out of the car?.. No. You see I've come to the conclusion. I love him dearly but enjoy our separate times as well.

Some days I think I want a man in my life, just not in my house.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

There should be an Island for all the moody people

This is in no way a male bashing post.. it just so happens that the men in my life are moody and negative. Sure, we all could easily slip into this depressing way of life. Every day there is something that goes on to piss me off but I choose to say "fuck it".

My father, whom I love dearly, is the first and most negative person I know. Talk about sucking the fun out of everything. He really baffles me. Here is a man who has beat cancer two times. The first time he was literally one week away from death. He should be grateful and thrilled that he beat the odds.

My sister (the dirty minded, nothing sacred, baby of this group) and I spend a lot of time together. Often we will plan a day to head off on a new adventure with our kids somewhere. When my father gets wind of this he feels obligated to come up with some reason it will suck. It's either the traffic, no where to park, too expensive, etc. Now, when we plan something, we purposely tell him, hoping to rile the negative from him. We figure we may as well have some fun.

So, they say you marry your father.. boy I should have listened. I never realized that spilling an item on the floor was suppose to bring out the George Carlin rant.. remember the seven words you can't say on tv? Well, my husbands got George beat by several four letter words. Even better when there are guests. Funny, it does not help the situation. It does not clean up the mess. Even my daughter will look at him and say " Dad, it's not the end of the world, it's a spill."

My father in law does not drive, he has double vision.. lucky him, he gets to see two of everything. On Sunday, he asked my husband to take him to a store for one item. Of course Sunday is football day. Men like to sit on the couch, unshowered and scratch themselves for the day. Mind you, I was up to my elbows in tomatoes making sauce for dinner. After his pissing and moaning about having to , god forbid, leave the house, I told him never mind, once I had dinner on the way I would take HIS father to the store. Half an hour later, Mr. Mope came to the kitchen and said "I'll take him. It better be one store."

My sister has always had the knack of attracting her share of a mixture of negative, selfish men. I guess those of us who don't sweat the small things are bound to be surrounded by those who need a thousand milligram tablet of Fukitol.

I figure my revenge will be to come back in my next life as a man. My husband shall return as a woman and he will then be my wife. I feel it will be the ultimate revenge. Until then, I think there should be an island created just for moody, negative people. Of course it would be crowded. Maybe that is good, it would give them one more thing to bitch about.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

They Cowboy'd Up!!!

To a team that played hard and gave us an amazing season... be proud of yourselves.

You've kept me on the edge of my seat all season. I never doubted you guys and am proud to be part of Red Sox Nation.

Kevin Millar, you are a class act... love the "Cowboy Up" moral boosting speach you gave your team.. yes, I know you wear a new uniform but you'll always be an "idiot" at heart and I thank you for that.

On to the media who love to drum up negative shit on Manny....just because he does not grant interviews, you whine and create articles of lies. I don't care if he never speaks. The man shows up, plays the game, provides entertainment and in the end, produces. I'll take Manny being Manny every day because in the end he "brings it".
Youk, what can I say. For the past few years you have given 200% .. no better first baseman in the league.
I thank you all for a great season. It's a long winter without baseball.. we need to find a way to make it a 12 month sport.. or I need a 12 step program
Let's take the Rockies.. one pitch at a time

Thursday, October 18, 2007


A new blog has appeared and promises to inspire.
Check outhttp://wishuponyourstar.blogspot.com/

I think it will be a nice change to view various wishes from all over the world
and who knows, when you wish hard enough, believe strong enough, anything is possible

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Taking a Mental Health Day

I take about one day a year for just me. I planned it for two weeks. I was going to catch up
on reading , maybe squeeze some writing in, then starting dinner a littler early. Yeah, Right!

I planned on Tuesday. My daughter was off from school and my sister informed me that she had also taken the day off. Before long, my husband said " why don't you meet me for lunch?" What was supposed to be a day of waking when I wanted, enjoying a pot of coffee, checking my favorite blogs and catching up on 150 page work for one writer, 15 chapters for another, writing an essay for the sister who is taking courses towards a degree, yet feels it fun to give me a week's notice to help, and maybe, just maybe getting to some of my own writing, soon turned into the following.

Daughter: Mom, I'm having my aunt come over first thing. She's bringing me a bagel for breakfast.

Sister: We could do some more packing at my house. I still have so many things still in boxes that I need to store. Then we can all meet for lunch with your husband.
Mind you, I am still driving around with much of her belongings in my car from my last trip to help her pack. Threatening to open the trunk and letting it all slide out only brings laughter from her..

Sister shows up at 10:30, daughter has breakfast. I get one cup of coffee.
Off we go, unpack boxes and repack into totes. I must say the day was interesting. My nephew and great nephew played outdoors while my daughter, my sister and myself did the unpacking/packing shuffle. There were a few humorous moments, like when I found six condoms , flavored Love Liquid and such packed in a box. I tossed them over to my sister and said " wonder if these have expired?"
My daughter just rolled her eyes.
My sister laughed because she inspired the "Nothing Sacred" post.

At 1:15 it was time to finish up and drop my great nephew off to my other sister and then meet my husband for lunch. After lunch I was going home to start dinner and do some baking. My sister decided she would bring over her "stuff" and bake with me. Don't get me wrong, it would be a stretch to say she is a baker.

Patty, when you read this, know that I love you.. but let's face it. I still laugh when I imagine your finished product.

I arrive home, it's 3:00. So much for a relaxing day off.
I started preparing dinner then went on to start my baking. Sister showed up with her ingredients, we fought for oven time and had a cocktail while we waited and laughed hard when hers were finished. She thought she would be creative and try making apple turnovers. She purchased Filo Pastry Sheets and proceeded to make unique shapes. Let's just say they did provide much needed laughter.

By the time I finished making dinner and cleaning up, it was 7:00 pm and I accomlished nothing I had planned.

Next year, when I take my one mental health day, I am telling no one and will check into a hotel for the day. Somehow, I know one of them will track me down.. I just know it

Monday, October 15, 2007

Today's Teens vs Us

Imagine being 13 and sitting down to breakfast with your parents, a sister, cousins and such. Seated together at a table in the restaurant, general conversation flows and everyone is chatting happily. Imagine now your teen daughter announcing " Mom, will you buy me a thong? I really hate having panty lines!!

Silence fills the table. All forks have been set down and eyes glare at my daughter and me.
I whisper "Not now dear, your father is sitting right here."

Now, my mother would have just given me a look , my father would have punished me for two reasons. One, you don't discuss underthings at the dinner table and two, daughters do not grow up.

From day one, I wanted for my child to have a voice, not be afraid to say what she feels, be open to many things.. I think ..*gulp* I've accomplished this.

Never Too Old

I wonder where this woman was when I was growing up.
At sixty seven years old, my mother is finally coming out of her supressed vixenous closet.

Attending a get together on Sunday (football widows need something to do) we talked about having an adult toy party. Mom asked "What's that?"

Baby sibbling " They sell toys for us. Vibrators and everything you can imagine."

At this point mother laughed with a bit of embarrassment. I suggested we hire a stripper to make the afternoon more entertaining. Mother's response "Yes then I will definately come. That I would like to see."

So tell me, where was this woman? Years ago at the mere mention of a male body, her response used to be " Oh, penises.. they are the ugliest thing I've ever seen."

There is hope. Even in her silver years, mother is finally able to laugh and enjoy sexual talk....Go MOM !!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nothing Sacred

Life is never dull around my dinner table when one or more of the sisters are present. Poor mother often shakes her head and then laughs , heartily.
Maybe shock is good for the lady. Father is another story. I believe if he could slither from his chair and crawl into a hole he has willed to open, he would.

We women are open to discussion of any topic. This often means nothing is sacred.

The youngest in the birthing order has a habit of crossing that fine line of proper. Imagine if you will, a Catholic woman who raised five daughters, sitting around the table with two of them. Conversation is mild and before too long, sex is brought up. We talk about it openly, much to her dismay, a bit graphic. Then, when I thought it was going well, my sister decided to ask mom

"have you ever given dad oral sex?"

Now, don't get me wrong, after spitting out my coffee, watching my mother for signs of a stroke and looking to make sure it was really my baby sister asking, I said "Wow". And if that wasn't enough, my sister looked at my mother and said " what, Ma, you never have?"

Mother recovered nicely and now I know, nothing is sacred.