Monday, October 15, 2007

Today's Teens vs Us

Imagine being 13 and sitting down to breakfast with your parents, a sister, cousins and such. Seated together at a table in the restaurant, general conversation flows and everyone is chatting happily. Imagine now your teen daughter announcing " Mom, will you buy me a thong? I really hate having panty lines!!

Silence fills the table. All forks have been set down and eyes glare at my daughter and me.
I whisper "Not now dear, your father is sitting right here."

Now, my mother would have just given me a look , my father would have punished me for two reasons. One, you don't discuss underthings at the dinner table and two, daughters do not grow up.

From day one, I wanted for my child to have a voice, not be afraid to say what she feels, be open to many things.. I think ..*gulp* I've accomplished this.


someone who did nothing but breathe in life said...

this post made me laugh. its so true.

Random Thoughts to Amuse said...

Thank you Someone who did nothing but breathe in life.

Hope you drop by often for more fun