Friday, October 26, 2007

You know the Honeymoon is over when ...

Remember the days when you and your signifigant other had to be apart for more than twenty four hours and you felt like half of your heart was torn out? Remember the mere thought of going through a few days without each other caused anxiety?

When I was first married, I recall conversations from those who had been married for many years talking about how they enjoyed when their spouse went off for a few hours or YIKES , days. I couldn't imagine wanting to spend long periods of time. The first time we had to spend three days apart I was lost.

Fast forward to reality...

He enjoys camping. Real out in the woods in a tent , on the lake camping. Me, I can camp at the finer hotels. When he and my daughter would go off on a camping weekend for three or four days I would be in heaven. The oldest sister would ask me how I could stay alone. What was she thinking. BLISS.. shear bliss.

I love golf. Mind you I have never swung a club but since he took it up a few years back, I went out and bought him a wonderful set of clubs because it allows me "Me" time. He has a golf date twice a week and I truly enjoy the few hours that he is gone.

Today, I dropped him off early this morning to catch a plane to Florida. Am I selfish for smiling like an idiot the minute he got out of the car?.. No. You see I've come to the conclusion. I love him dearly but enjoy our separate times as well.

Some days I think I want a man in my life, just not in my house.