Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Media Frenzy

The echo of the crowd hasn't even silenced yet and already the local media has started the rumor mills. I suppose a sports town such as Boston will always provide these people with something to write (using this term freely.. more like creative writing) about. They are the reason Curt started his own blog (38pitches.com). He too was tired of words being twisted and stretched more than a rubber band.

Let's for a minute consider Manny Ramirez. He is a private kind of guy. He shows up every game, does his job (does it well I might add), provides the fans with entertainment and then goes home to his family. The media does not like this one bit. So what if he doesn't grant interviews. When you are done in your day job, do you want to continue hashing it out with a bunch of hacks with a press pass? Never mind that he still has another year on his contract but they are already starting to speculate on what's going to happen. Why don't we just enjoy the feeling of just having won another world series and focus on signing those whose contracts are up this year. That would be too easy.

Jim Rice is a perfect example of just how the media can bite you in the ass. Here is a guy that oozes class. He played and earned his right in the HOF (hall of fame), yet each year when the voting takes place , somehow he is shy just a few votes which would grant him his due. Jim was not a media friendly guy either..

Now, this being a contract year for a few players in major league, the media has a cornucopia of things to work with. Mike Lowell, World Series MVP. Our beloved third baseman. If you read the papers, listen to the sports talkshows on the radio, they will have you tearing your hair out.

It seems they think that the Red Sox will not sign Lowell and opt for A-Rod ( whom I call Assrod) instead. Listen up, Nevah Gonna Happen. Give Theo Epstein a little credit please.

I personally will become a Cubs fan if A-Rod were to ever don a Red Sox uniform and those who know me, know that's huge.

My advice to you who have suffered and bit off all of your nails until 04, remember the brilliant words of Joe Torre ( a class act). " The media has been known to be wrong once or twice."

Don't believe all you read and don't get sucked into the columns written by sports guru wannabes. This isn't Dan Duquette's job to screw up anymore.. we have Theo at the helm and he has made some brilliant aquisitions.

That is it for my rant....

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