Monday, October 15, 2007

Never Too Old

I wonder where this woman was when I was growing up.
At sixty seven years old, my mother is finally coming out of her supressed vixenous closet.

Attending a get together on Sunday (football widows need something to do) we talked about having an adult toy party. Mom asked "What's that?"

Baby sibbling " They sell toys for us. Vibrators and everything you can imagine."

At this point mother laughed with a bit of embarrassment. I suggested we hire a stripper to make the afternoon more entertaining. Mother's response "Yes then I will definately come. That I would like to see."

So tell me, where was this woman? Years ago at the mere mention of a male body, her response used to be " Oh, penises.. they are the ugliest thing I've ever seen."

There is hope. Even in her silver years, mother is finally able to laugh and enjoy sexual talk....Go MOM !!!


Destiny said...

It's pretty sad that a mom in her sixties is more open to new things than her daughter who is just turning forty. She can't open up into those conversations, never mind attend one of those parties with two of her sisters!

Destiny said...

it's pretty sad that a mother in her sixties is willing to open up and have fun with her girls and one of her daughter who is turning forty in a month acts all innocent. she can't handle her two sexually open minded sisters!

Random Thoughts to Amuse said...

Imagine.. if she can become open at sixty seven... what the hell will you be at that age... YIKES

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. It's great to be open minded and have fun with it.
Can only imagine the shock on your poor mother's face.

This is my new favorite blog :)