Sunday, October 21, 2007

They Cowboy'd Up!!!

To a team that played hard and gave us an amazing season... be proud of yourselves.

You've kept me on the edge of my seat all season. I never doubted you guys and am proud to be part of Red Sox Nation.

Kevin Millar, you are a class act... love the "Cowboy Up" moral boosting speach you gave your team.. yes, I know you wear a new uniform but you'll always be an "idiot" at heart and I thank you for that.

On to the media who love to drum up negative shit on Manny....just because he does not grant interviews, you whine and create articles of lies. I don't care if he never speaks. The man shows up, plays the game, provides entertainment and in the end, produces. I'll take Manny being Manny every day because in the end he "brings it".
Youk, what can I say. For the past few years you have given 200% .. no better first baseman in the league.
I thank you all for a great season. It's a long winter without baseball.. we need to find a way to make it a 12 month sport.. or I need a 12 step program
Let's take the Rockies.. one pitch at a time

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