Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Spirit

With the holiday season upon us I thought it would be fun to talk about the things that give us the holiday spirit. I know sometimes I find it hard to get into the “magic” of it all when there are so many things going on in life. I pride myself on making sure I am thankful each day for all that I am fortunate to have.

Over the years I have found pleasure in giving. I don’t mean just gifts to family and friends. I love the feeling of helping others and doing it anonymously. I feel good each time I am able to give back a little.

I’ve given great thought to many different ways a person can give without having to have a lot of spare change or countless hours to donate.

The following is just a small list of ways you can contribute. Some I have done and continue to do. Others are things done by friends of mine. Each little thing helps those who have little to be thankful for. Along the way, you may find yourself feeling pretty good about yourself.

Sponsor a family in need:

If you are not wealthy enough to do this on your own, get a few friends or co-workers to pitch in. You can visit a local shelter or family crisis center to let them know you want to provide for a family this holiday. Many have waiting lists of families in need of basic items such as coats, boots, hats, mittens and select few toys to place under their trees.
This is done anonymously and you can feel good Christmas morning while you are with your family, knowing another family will have a better day because of you.

Food Pantry:

Food pantries need donations all year. Often times people are more into giving during the holiday season. When you go to the market for your groceries, pick up a few extra, inexpensive items and bring them to the food pantry. Keep in mind, children love snacks and don’t often get to have the expensive treats.

Volunteer :

There are many services in need of your time. You can spare an hour or so once a week or month. Read to sick children in the hospital. Visit a local nursing home, sit and listen to the residents. Many of them go weeks without a familiar face and crave the company of someone to talk to.
If you have children, have them make crafts to bring to the nursing home.

Remember those who protect you:

Your local police and fire stations. They work day and night. They are the ones who will put their lives on the line for you everyday of the year. Bake an extra batch of cookies and bring them down to the station.

Support your troops:

Whether your against the war or not. These people fight for your freedom.
Holidays are the toughest on them. Call your local military office and find out what is
requested. Sometimes it’s as simple as a local newspaper, favorite candy or gum, toiletries and such.

There are millions of charities for millions of great causes. Fundraising is easy and it brings a lot of revenue for them. Donate unwanted items. Often times an event will hold a raffle. We all have items that were given to us as a gift that we will never use. It’s probably still packaged in the attic or basement. Contact the local office of any charity and they will let you know of any upcoming events and what type of items they are looking for.

Salvation Army Kettle Drive:

This organization provides invaluable services to so many families in need. They vary from drug abuse rehab to families forced out of their homes due to fires. Ring a bell for an hour outside a local store. It costs nothing but your time.

Remember, it does not matter how much you give. What matters is the help you provide to those down on their luck.

Where ever you are in this world , I wish you all a Healthy, Happy Holiday Season.


Elaine said...


This is such an excellent post. I'm such a believer in "giving back", the monetary amount is not important but there are many ways all of us can contribute.

Another easy way is at your grocery store (if they participate). When you're checking out you can choose to add a dollar or two more to your bill. At my store it goes to the local food bank.

As Mother Teresa said, "If you can't feed a hundred people, than feed just one".

Have a great weekend :-)

Random Thoughts to Amuse said...

Thank you Elaine
I welcome all ideas for helping people. Your suggestion is another easy way to benefit those in need. Many markets have bags all made up , all you need to do is pay when you check out and they take care of the rest.

You have a great weekend as well

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

awesome ideas :)
I am in holiday spirit myself. I just need to get done with my exams and then i am all for it :)