Thursday, November 8, 2007

Living Wills

Thirsty Thursdays provide some great insight into life's "what ifs"

Tonight's topic was what we wish to happen when our life hits the brakes. I find it interesting that each of us has different views as to what we want for our afterlife or our journey into the hereafter.

My daughter, who is just shy of fifteen and is usually freaked out when we talk about death, announced that she has a will. If she should die, she has made a list of how to divide her estate ( which consists of guitars, books, an absurd amount of cd's , clothing, sports memorabilia etc.)

In the event that she becomes brain injured, her request is simple. She is NEVER to be unplugged.

I am to play her favorite cd, 24 hours a day, make sure a hockey game is on the television at all times and be sure I take her ( hospital bed and all) to any concert locally.

In the event of her death, I am to bury her cd's with her, she has clothing selected for her afterlife and she has listed which of her family and friends will receive the remainder of her belongings.

My niece wishes to be buried NAKED!!!.. now that gives a whole new meaning to a "Viewing"

I've been to some weird Irish wakes..but I'm willing to bet, this will top the weirdest of weird. I will see to it (if I am still here) that her wish is carried out. I can't wait to see the looks on the faces of our older relatives.

My sister ( the nothing sacred, baby of this clan) has a simple wish as well. She would like to be buried with a smile on her face and big blue implanted in place. Again, should I outlive these two, I will make it my personal (he he) mission to see that their wishes are carried out.

I can only imagine the trip to the funeral home to make the arrangements. For my niece, I will bring nothing for personal effects. I wonder if the Doherty boys have ever had such a request?

For my sister, well, I am sure, after I leave, they will have a good laugh.. after all, morticians are people too.. and they are some very handsome boys as well.. if the spirit still lives after we die, I am sure it won't be too hard to get that smile on her face once one of the Doherty boys plants her personal effects.

For me, I want to take a few items. A full bottle of whiskey, a pack of cigarettes, a cd of the Drop Kick Murphy's and my Red Sox shirt. I don't want tears, I want laughter because I'll be laughing from beyond.


Destiny said...

I guess this is our way of making light of death. Tonight we looked at the brighter side of things.

Random Thoughts to Amuse said...

Sometimes you have to make light of heavy subjects... it helps get you through.

You'll be smiling
Caryn will be freezing
Hailey will be mellowed listening to music

And I'll be drinking and smoking..laughing at all of you

Love ya bunches....